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Do you build websites from templates

Yes, we can build a website from a ready made template. This is probably the fastest and most affordable way to get a site up and running.

What are your web servers built on?

Our web servers use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform with a Litespeed engine. You don’t have to worry about the server size as we upgrade them automatically for the benefit of all. This ensures speed and reliability. If you already have your own server, we will be happy to build your site on your server.

What do you mean by personalised services?

Although we sometimes build a website using templates, that doesn’t mean you will get exactly the same thing from the cookie cutter. Our process goes through consultation with you to tweak the site to your needs.

What other solutions have you provided?

We prefer providing practical and ready made solutions for your business needs. These can include payment gateway integration and customised contact forms etc. Ready made solutions can be easily deployed on your website and are affordable and quick to deploy.

Can you build an e-commerce website?

Yes, we can build an e-commerce website that you can take over and maintain. Our e-commerce sites can start from a basic set up to more complex setups.

Do you offer consultation and services for a website that is already built?

Yes. We will be happy to help you with upgrading, maintaining or fixing a website that has already been built. Contact us for a free consultation and we will be happy to take a look.

Can you train my staff to take over the website?

Yes, we can train your staff and continue support with a retainer. This will help to get your staff up and running and maintain your own site as soon as possible.

How do you help with my seo needs?

We prefer using a consultation approach when it comes to SEO. This can be a complete SEO strategy for your business with a new website or services to improve ranking for your current site.

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